Google is Not Planning to Launch its Own Pixel Watch

An official from Google has confirmed that they are not working on Pixel watch which was rumored to be in development a few months back.

Although many expected Google to launch a new Android Wear smart watch under the Pixel brand, in the style of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, that is not what the company has done today when launching the new watches LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport.

Android Wear Engineering Vice President David Singleton has explained in an interview that they are not planning to release a ‘Pixel Watch’ type smart watch.

Singleton also explained that in the box of new LG watches and other watches with Android Wear 2.0, we will see a phrase that will say “Designed with our Google Friends.” It is therefore a relationship similar to that of the Nexus.

Singleton believes that working with partners like LG can achieve much more than if Google or LG work separately. When asked specifically if we will see a Pixel watch someday, it responds that “what really matters is to progress with the ecosystem.”

Finally, the manager has also reaffirmed that Android Wear is not a hobby for the company. In technology business jargon, saying that a project is a hobby means that you do not take it too seriously. That is not the case with Android Wear, since Google is committed to putting as many resources as necessary.


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