Google Launches New Distributed Database Service for the Cloud Platform

For some time, Google has been using Spanner internally in some of its services, such as AdWords, Google Photos, Google Play etc. It is a database that researchers and engineers of the company began to develop in 2007 with the aim of creating a database solution that allows to gather the best of traditional databases and NoSQL databases, so that the use of relational data model and SQL semantics join the scalability and speed of processing converging on your new database system.

Now, Google announces the launch of Cloud Spanner in the public beta phase so that outside developers can also benefit from the advantages of Spanner for its applications in the cloud, allowing to have ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) and SQL semantics along with horizontal scalability and high availability, the company said in a statement.

In this way, these developers will no longer need to choose between traditional database systems and NoSQL databases because the Cloud Spanner will have the advantages of both models of databases.

Regarding prices, Google points out that Cloud Spanner has a simple price model where it will be charged for the actual usage, ie, by calculation node-hours (from $ 0.90), by actual storage consumption without pre-provisioning ($ 0.30 per GB per month) and access to the external network.

It adds that Cloud Spanner supports distributed transactions, DDL schemas and statements, SQL queries and JDBC drivers, and it also has client libraries for the most popular languages, such as Java, Go, Python and Node.js.

Google believes that Cloud Spanner could be the solution that developers in the cloud are willing to dispose. All details are available in the official announcement.

Source : Google Blogs


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