Google launches new page that will help app developers with their releases

Google wants mobile application developers for Android devices to publish, track and manage other aspects of their launches with full guarantees. In this sense, they have just presented the new launch management page available through the Google Play Developer Console.

In the same, the developers will be able to upload the alpha, beta and stable versions of their applications, being able to know at all times the outstanding information of the same as well as the status of their respective launches.

It also has the new validation function, a new section that is integrated in the workflow and is placed as a step prior to the public launch of an application. In the same you will notice errors of validation found as well as a series of warnings besides other important data. This will help you correct the possible problems before the definitive launch of the applications.

It also integrates the section of staged implementations with which they can send updates to a specific percentage of users and solve problems before the update reaches all.

The new launch management page also gives you access to the launch history in a step-by-step manner and allows you to download the previous APKs, as well as a new artifact library where you can find the necessary files to help manage a launch.

The Google Play Developer Help Center provides more information about it, which will let developers know all the details of the new page that will help launch their mobile applications successfully.


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