Google launches two free Google Analytics online courses

Google Analytics

The Google team launched two new free online courses on Google Analytics, both for those users who need to become familiar with this tool, and those advanced users who want to realize their full potential.

The first of these is Google Analytics for Beginners. In four units they will show how Google Analytics works, its main functions, configuration of reports, measurement of personalized campaigns, among other topics.

The second proposal is Advanced Google Analytics. Given that users taking this course are already familiar with the work environment and features of Google Analytics, the program will analyze advanced data collection and analysis techniques to follow up on our marketing plan.

To participate, you only need to log in with our Google account and complete a small form. We can follow the course at our own pace, we do not have to follow a calendar program, so it can prove to be a flexible model for those who have little time.

Performing the entire course can take about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the pace followed and previous knowledge of the users. At the end of the course we will receive a certificate if we have passed the corresponding evaluations.
So, if you want to learn Google Analytics opt for courses available based on how much knowledge you have of using this particular tool.

Source: Google Analytics Blog


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