Google makes it easy for users to broadcast live on YouTube


Earlier this year, Google provided users with the ability to stream live with YouTube via Mobile Live Streaming, a feature that allows any Internet user to stream video from anywhere on their Android or iOS smartphone.

In this way, it is enough for anyone to transmit live video via YouTube by selecting the live stream option, putting a title and start broadcasting live to their viewers. Previously, to access this function of Youtube is was necessary for the profile or channel to have more than 10,000 subscribers. A few hours ago, Google has changed the rules to retransmit live with YouTube as we read on the service support page.

Live broadcast for channels with more than 1,000 subscribers

As indicated in the YouTube support page, where we previously found the limitation of 10,000 subscribers, it is now only necessary to have a thousand fans in our channel to be able to broadcast live with YouTube. Now this functionality is reaching to a much greater number of users.

Anyone who wants to launch into the world of streaming from the mobile using the Google-owned video platform simply has to make use of the tools available in Creator Studio to activate live streaming and start sharing video through the YouTube application.

This is not the only change we can find in the video application. In addition to lowering the limit to broadcast live with YouTube, over the weekend we met the new interface for playing videos in floating windows.

YouTube version 12.13.53, which is gradually reaching users, includes built-in playback controls in the floating window, allowing greater control over playback when we are using this function. So you can pause or start the videos as well as close them.


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