Google Maps adds Street View imagery to avoid confusion

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The latest version of Google Maps for Android brings news, but incorporates them silently. This news discloses that the app now includes photos of the Street View service to expand and improve the route information. This way the company not only extends the functionality of its GPS navigator but also minimizes the possibility of you mistaking the route in a change of direction. Also, the new version of Maps also adds a new information bar at the bottom of the screen.

If there is an extremely useful and complete Google application then that is Google Maps. The app has been gaining a lot of attention with the passage of time since the company has added multitude of tools and functionalities compared to what in its day were just maps online. These implementations have boosted the functionality of the app, which now receives some changes from the latest version available on Google Play.

Google Maps with Street View Images

As detected, Android Police, the great G has released a new update of Maps oriented to the correction of errors. However, the new version of the application hides some more improvements. The most prominent corresponds to the introduction of images that precedents of Street View to the route information, a section in which we break down the points and in which we must pay more attention given that there are changes of direction, incorporations and other actions needed to keep us on the right path to our destination.

Google Maps Street View

As can be seen in the screenshots, an “Icon” with a thumbnail view of the Street View photo is included in the “conflicted” points. Obviously, this image corresponds to the point at which a path change is announced. If the user clicks on it, the described point will be displayed and the indication necessary to not deviate.

This way, we can avoid mistakes in those changes of lane that, sometimes, can be confused in spite of the instructions by voice of Google Maps for Android.

Additional changes

Another new feature that Mountain View adds in parallel is an additional information bar at the bottom of the screen. It provides details about the route, places and other related details, plus a random icon on the right side with concrete actions. This bar replaces the previous floating button typical of the design concept guidelines Material Design.

As we have already indicated, these are novelties that Google has implemented on Google Maps servers, so it does not necessarily depend on the latest version of Google Maps. However, it has been proven that in order to enjoy the miniature views it is necessary to have at least version 9.51.1 and version 9.52.2 in the case of the bar with additional information. As for iPhone and iPad, for now there is no news of when Google can implement these developments in the respective version of Google Maps for iOS.


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