Google Maps get more smarter with this latest update

google maps new update

Google lately only looks for the way to think and act as you, that is, learn from your customs and then offer your services without asking. This time we see it on Google Maps.

Indeed, today Maps suffers a new update in which it is only necessary to highlight a novelty: a new feature that makes it more intelligent than it was.

Google Maps will remember your route options from now on

As we read in Android Police, Google has released a new update for its official mapping and location service, present on almost all Android devices and currently the most used app of this type.

Specifically, Google Maps from now on will remember your route preferences, that is, when asking for addresses will remember the parameters you searched for the last time. These parameters or route preferences with vehicles can be as follows:

  1. Routes without tolls: Maps will look for addresses that do not include at any time to pay for tolls.
  2. Avoid motorways: Maps will look for directions that do not include at any time driving on motorways.
  3. Avoid ferries

On the other hand, if you prefer to go by public transport, the route options are:

  1. What transport you prefer to use. Depending on the location, we can choose between bus, metro, train, etc.
  2. What type of route, is the best route, which includes fewer transhipments, which allows you to walk less, and which route is more accessible

From now on, Google Maps will remember these options when doing each and every one of the routes that we will ask for in the future. Obviously, all of them can be edited at any time and will be remembered in the same way.

This news should arrive for all progressive in the coming days through the Play Store, but if you prefer to have it already, you can download the APK file from APKMirror. For more information on Maps, you can take a look at its special category.


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