Google Maps now allows you to create lists of favorite sites

Google Maps allows us to select favorite sites to see them later. For example, we are organizing a trip to New York city, we are going to see sites in Google and mark them as favorites in Google Maps. The problem so far was that all sites were on the map, making it difficult to see. Now we can create lists in the purest style of Spotify to organize it better.

For example, we can put a list that is “Friday dinner” with the best places to visit on the last day of work, or another list called “Travel to Germany” where we will bookmark the best places to visit when we go to Germany. Of course the sites can be in more than one list at the same time, because if not little sense this feature would make. The Favorites list is still the same, so we will not lose what we had until now.

The lists, as we see in the video below, can be both public and private. In the case of the public ones you will have to share the link, but it is presumed that in the future there will be a section in Maps to see the lists of the favorite sites of the other people, something like the music lists of Spotify.

This functionality has been discovered since version 9.5 beta, but now to our surprise it has comes officially. Personally I did not get the update and it does not usually reach everyone at the same time, but it can be tested with the beta. The button to convert in beta is present in the page of Google Maps in the background. It is reversible, so at any time you can become a normal user again.


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