Google Maps will add the option to save locations and more news

google maps

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most used applications of the moment. The truth is everyone needs to have a browser on their mobile and it’s the one that is by default installed on Android.

Google Maps has very little competition in its market. The only application that presents some competition is Waze, which allows users to have the traffic news in real time and in a much simpler way, as it gives us a better selection of shortcuts to get earlier and also tell us where all the radars are. Although Waze has all this, Google Maps still has some functions that is not available in any other application.

Save locations, new notifications and more in the Google Maps update

Thanks to the people of AndroidPolice, we now have a small spoiler about what would be the news of the next update of Google Maps. Notice the application code on Android to see what secrets they hide and what features they are preparing. They are usually right in these predictions too.

The first novelty that we found out is that now we may be able to save locations like Home, Work, Gym or College, so you can have quick access to them without having to look for it. Currently Google does not let us customize these shortcuts.

Another novelty that we noticed, which is still not fully understood, is that it will have a new notification system which will be closely linked to Android O. Perhaps, it is referring to dynamic notifications in icons, a new way of interacting with the user. It looks a lot like the update we got this morning from Nova Launcher.

The latest news we heard about is that Google will have a better service so that companies can leave their data more easily and offer faster solutions to those who want to have their place on the map. Also, we will see a new list which, perhaps it can leave us thanks to a new algorithm, a list of stores that are around us with things that we need. We do not know exactly how this would work though.

This app is still in Beta version, but will soon officially update on Google Play. However, we will not have to wait for long to see all these changes and especially to find out how all these new features work that seems to give us a better user experience in day to day life while we navigate using our mobile.


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