Google may be working on a third smartphone codenamed “Taimen”

Google Taimen

Today new information indicates that Google may be working on a third codename device “taimen”. Yesterday we heard information that pointed out that Google is working on two devices codenamed “muskie” and “walleye” corresponding to the Pixel of 2017.

Like “muskie” and “walleye” (and almost every device Google has launched in recent years), “taimen” is an aquatic animal. This is a large fish and it seems that this is not accidental, but the phone will have a larger screen than the other two Pixel.

A question that many experts ask is whether Google will be making a good decision by further increasing the screen size of their devices. But if something has taught us the market in recent years is that users are interested in large screen sizes with which they can perform all kinds of tasks in a comfortable, dynamic and with the usual features of this type of terminals. So the Google Taimen could hit the spot.

The big question is how far this screen size can go. We think of a phablet or maybe we could be before a tablet or a hybrid that incorporates some elements from the notebooks. Personally we think it will be a smartphone, a possible phablet that adds more variety to the catalog started with the Pixel, but we should not rule out anything as to what may be preparing Google.

This new phone “taimen” will be an independent model of “muskie” and “walleye” (Pixel and Pixel XL), but at the moment we do not know what type of device it will be.

Although Google, as always, does not comment on this, comments on the existence of this future device have been replicated in different sources. And although on Taimen the different sources have not agreed, yes they have done about Muskie and Walleye, which is certainly good news.


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