Google officially announces Android O with new features

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The drums strongly resonated in the immensity of the Net but no one was aware that the closeness of Android O. Today Google officially presented the next major update of the platform. Google has not only just presented in Android O, but has made the first version available for developers suitable for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Google Pixel.

After the devastation caused by Android N, later reconverted in Android Nougat, during the last weeks has gained great protagonism for the substitute of Android 7. Everything pointed to Android 8, an update that now, for the moment, has been announced as Android O. It appears on the blog of Android developers, the official website through which the Internet giant is accustomed to publish all the latest developments around the most popular software platform on the planet.

Android O is official

Yes, as we indicated there were many rumors on the Web that led directly to the initial name of Android O. Today Google precisely confirms it and goes one step further towards the evolution of its platform for smartphones and all kinds of compatible electronic devices.

You will not even have to wait for Google I / O to know all the new features of the new version of the platform. On its Android blog, Google has broken down the fundamental points on which Android O will support. Similarly, as we progressed, the company not only confirms the initial name of the next major update, but has already made the first version available for download for developers, a preview of Android O that can be tested on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Google Pixel.

What’s New in Android O ?

Undoubtedly, one of the hot spots of Android O will be autonomy. Google will give more twist to the next great evolution of Android with measures aimed at extending the battery life in Android compatible devices. The engineers in charge of the development of the platform will focus this measure on three fundamental points. One is to control the energy consumption of applications that require to stay in the background, as well as to use services such as location.

Another strategic point that will vary more in Android O regarding Nougat are the notifications. Google will propose to developers a notification channel through which to diversify different types of notifications coming from applications, in addition to the system itself and native apps. In the same way, new effects and the so called notifications groupings will be applied to propose the user a more organized and clean way of notifying the system news.

android o notifications

A third big innovation is the inclusion of an API that will allow the PIP function. In this way, Google will natively allow the playback of videos on the screen while we make use of other services and applications.

More details on Android O

Android O will include many other new features that will have less impact at the general level, but they too are important. Among the advances proposed by the Google include autofill tools so that the user can complete fields automatically.

Likewise, the aesthetics of the system will also adopt changes such as adaptive icons. The company proposes a mode of automatic and dynamic adjustment in the icons according to the situation. In this regard, Android will also accept a wider color palette for the interface.
As far as connectivity is concerned, Android O will in turn include support for higher-quality audio codecs via the Bluetooth connection. The WiFi connection will also experience improvements and innovations that will allow the interconnection between devices without need of connection to the network.

Although the aforementioned novelties are some of the most outstanding and announced with the first preview of Android O, it should be noted that over the next few weeks we will know as many things from the experience of using Android O on Nexus and Google Pixel.

Calendar of Android updates O

The development plan involves the release of up to four Dev Preview versions. The first one is already available for download and installation for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Google Pixel. Nevertheless, the second version of tests will arrive in the middle of May and the third one a month later, in the middle of June. The Dev Preview 4 of Android O will see the light in mid-July to finally give way to the official version during the third quarter of the year. In this sense, Google has not provided a more accurate date, so we will have to wait for more precise instructions.

Source : Android Developers Blog


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