Google Officially Launches WebVR in Chrome to Bring Virtual Reality to the Web

WebVR is a new technology that enables the creation of unified experiences of Virtual Reality to bring them to people both through compatible web browsers and through the Virtual Reality helmets. This technology is being developed by companies like Google, Facebook Oculus, Mozilla, and many other partners.

Now Google announces that the latest version of Chrome will have support for WebVR, making it possible to use both with their Daydream helmets as well as the possibility to visualize the contents of Virtual Reality from any phone or desktop facilitating the interaction with them with the same finger or with the mouse cursor, according to each case. Google is aiming to extend support for WebVR to more Virtual Reality helmets, including its Google Cardboard.

For users to explore the experiences they can get through WebVR, Google also links to a number of sites with support for Virtual Reality, including the interactive documentary Bear 71, the largest library of real-world locations in VR; Matterport for dozens of movies under Virtual Reality and even experimenting and playing through WebVR Lab.

From Google it is pointed out that over time new web experiences of Virtual Reality will appear with which users will be able to experience and enjoy with both their Virtual Reality helmets and through any phone or desktop compatible with WebVR web browser.


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