Google Paid $3 Million Through Its Vulnerability Program In 2016

A data published by Google reveals that the company has rewarded approximately $3 million to people who reported bugs to the company.

Security is a key element today in our devices. Since we are introducing more and more important information over the internet, this makes it very sweet for cyber criminals, who in many cases take advantage of fragmentation to steal your data. In fact, experts have advised the new president of the United States to stop using Android for this reason.

Google has published data already on the vulnerability rewards program, a system that the company started implementing in 2010 and has helped the US company to find a number of failures, something that in 2016 has cost the company about 3 million dollars.

In this data published by Google, we can see that the company has been able to count on more than 350 researchers, and about 1000 developers who have collaborated in exchange for a figure of about 3 million dollars in order to detect possible failures.

Google Vulnerability Program

Participation level through Google Vulnerability Program in 2016 has reached a fairly considerable size, and has exceeded the data of 2015, the year in which Google compensated 300 researchers and 700 developers with 2 million dollars. This data seems positive, since it shows that Google is investing more in this section, and it is something that we hope to continue this way.

Since this program came into force in 2016, the company of Montain View has invested in this initiative a figure that reaches 9 million dollars. Google also reports that people from 59 countries have participated, and that the highest reward they have awarded has been $100,000, a pretty palatable amount, and also notes that it has donated more than $130,000 to charities.

While I consider it positive that Google is investing increasingly in security, I would also like that the Google services that we have installed on all our Android terminals stop being so intrusive and not pay special attention only to the Pixel, something that is not too much to ask for.


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