Google Photos adds a new function to correct the colors of our photos

Google Photos

Google Photos adds a new feature with which we will be able to adjust the colors of our photos we upload. Google Photos is one of the simplest and most functional services to edit photographs that we can find, since just uploading them we have a series of automatic functions that are available to give us the best version of our captures.

Today a new white balance function is added, to help give our pictures the right tone and to let go of those unnatural colors that can saturate the images.

This is an automatic function, so we just have to open the Google Photos editor and select the corresponding option, so that it is applied along with a series of parameters, which will improve our photography.

If even after the change, there are more options to adjust to have the perfect photography. We only have to go to Basic Settings and test the functions that we find under Color.

And if the automatic changes offered by Google Photos do not seem appropriate, we can always return to the original photo, choosing “Undo changes”. We can choose to keep the original photograph and create a copy with the changes made, choosing the option “Save a copy”.

This new automatic feature will be deployed gradually during the week, both in the web version of Google Photos and in its Android app.

Source: Google Blog


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