Google Photos adds video stabilization option in its editor


Google Play receives a new update from the Google Photos app today and does so mainly to add a new tool to the publisher. After the installation of version 2.13, Google Photos includes a video stabilization option. A tool specially indicated to optimize the reproduction of video clips to avoid vibrations and oscillations that worsen the multimedia experience.

Google Photos was born just two years ago as a gallery application and cloud storage service for multimedia content generated and / or stored on the smartphone’s memory. However, the successive updates of the application have gradually increased and significantly the number of additional functions have been added to make Google Photos one of the most interesting services of the company.

As we have already indicated, starting today the Google Photos update will start appearing on Google Play. It will be possible to identify it using version 2.13 of the application for Android devices. After installation of this software upgrade, the user will perceive a new icon or option in the edit menu, which will appear under the name Stabilize. As we have already indicated, this option will be available for videos.

Using the video stabilizer in Google Photos is very simple. As we have already pointed out, once you have chosen the desired video from the Google Photos gallery, you only have to click on the pencil icon that appears in the lower section of the interface. Then, on the left side we will notice the option of the video stabilizer, which is now next to the Rotate option.

Therefore to use, it is as simple as pressing the relevant one and waiting for the blue bar that appears on the preview image of the video to reach the opposite end. By then, the software algorithm used by the Internet giant will minimize the rebound and sway effect that can appear in any recording, either because the camera of the smartphone does not have optical stabilizer or simply because the recording has occurred in circumstances that have generated too much movement.


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