Google Photos has started to deploy its Suggested sharing feature

Google Photos ft

Google I / O shared some of the features that would be displayed in Google Photos over the coming weeks. One of these features is the possibility of receiving suggestions of contacts to share content, thanks to the technology of facial recognition.

Apparently, this dynamic is already beginning to unfold, and now Google Photos will ask us to identify our face from a series of faces taken from the photos we have uploaded, as shared in the screenshot AP.

Google photos

From this identification, Google will begin to apply its facial recognition system to make suggestions and facilitate us to create shared albums or just not forget anyone when we save our photos.

In addition to this request for identification, there is also a section that we have to configure if we want to have control over this new dynamic. We just have to go to this link.

Here, we will see a list of contacts who might receive suggestions for sharing with us based on the interaction we have had with them on some of Google’s services.

If we do not want certain contacts to have that possibility, Google offers the option to block them. Maybe in the future it will add more filters to customize the dynamics of this function to override it, if they do not like it.

Last we heard about this particular Google Service was yesterday and it was about how Google Photos will offer archive from now on. Google is making a lot of changes as it always does being the internet giant but now it seems as they are focusing on Google Photos a bit extra or is it just our imagination. Whatever the case maybe the fact remains that Google Photos is one of the great apps which provides photo and video storage facilities as well.


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