Google Photos now allows you to archive photos and videos

Google Photos

Google Photos added a new feature, which can already be seen both in its web version and in its Android app.

So far, we had the options of viewing the content in the timeline, in the Photos section, organizing them into albums or deleting them. Now a new feature is added that allows us to move the photos to archive, as in to archive them.

The photographs we archive will no longer appear on the timeline, so it can be an interesting option that we can use if we want to hide certain content from the main section or it can be a tool to help us organize our photographs. For example, we may forget that we have already added certain photos to an album, so we have to repeat the process again.

However using Archive, we can remove those photographs from the timeline that we have already organized in albums just to avoid any confusion or we may wish to archive the photographs from last year and have only those that correspond to this year visible.

Using archive is very simple. We just have to select the photos we want and choose the first option that is an archive option from the drop down menu at the top or we can go to “Archive” and add photos from that section.

The photos we archive will be followed in the corresponding albums and folders, as well as in the search results. However, Google will not take them into account to create animations, or movies.

Nowadays, archiving photos has become an important tool in social media. Some people use it to hide some photos and others like to keep these photos private but not the entire account as private. This archive option provides sort of a middle ground for a person who likes to share but also likes some privacy when called for. So, it seems Google understand this need of its user and has therefore added this new feature in Google photos as well.


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