Google Photos Update: Improved RAW File support and Photos gets an archive function

Google Photos

Since yesterday, a small update for the Google Photos app has been rolled out, which contains a series of small improvements that some users may already have had for a long time. This is mainly about the administration and synchronization of RAW files. In addition, AndroidPolice has discovered a new feature that allows the photo to be archived.

For some time now, Google’s developers have been experimenting with the support of RAW files, so some users have been able to synchronize and manage photos in this format for some time. At the latest with the current update to version 2.10, the function should now be available for all users.

Administration & synchronization of RAW files

Google photos raw

RAW image files uploaded have not been previously recognized as such and have been displayed in the stream and in albums as well as all other normal photo files sorted by date. With the new version they get a small marking and are highlighted with a symbol. This shutter icon is then also directly in the picture view and also tells the user that it is a RAW file.

Google photos raw edit

In addition to RAW files, some additional information is displayed which have not been found in the details. In addition to the filename you can now also see the size of the file in pixels and MB, get information about the camera megapixel including the most important settings and an indication of the date and time at which the photo was taken.

So far RAW photos could only be uploaded directly, an automatic synchronization was not possible in the past. At the latest with the current update is now also the auto upload for RAW files activated, which like all other photos and videos are also automatically uploaded. A separate setting for RAW files is not yet available, although this might be a very important option because of the file size both in terms of traffic and online storage space.

Google photos archive

All photos stored in Photos are displayed chronologically in the stream and are found there in a huge collection. Again there are also photos which may not necessarily permanently in the listing, but still we do not want to delete. For this, an archive function will soon be available with which the photos can be removed from the list of all images. The whole is comparable to the archive function in GMail, whereby the photo stream then corresponds to the inbox.

The function is finished according to AndroidPolice and could soon be completed by a server-side update for all users. To display all photos, a new shortcut will appear in the side menu which allows you to display only the archived photos and videos.

The update has been rolled out since yesterday and should have arrived at the Play Store very soon to all users. As usual, the APK file can also be downloaded and installed directly with APK Mirror.


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