Google Photos: Web version now shows the album in which a photo is located

There are several ways within Google Photos to organize photos and keep track of them. The easiest way is to create photo albums where you can place as many photos as you like. In the browser version of Photos there is a small update that brings the information directly into the photo view and links the album directly.

Besides the storage of photos in albums there is also the possibility to create a collage with several photos or make an animation from several photos. Whoever does not use all this, of course, still has the strong search function and the automatic sorting according to themes, places, persons and motifs.

So far, it was impossible to find out in which album or albums you had stored a particular photo. Now with this small small update in the web interface shows exactly all the info in the detail area of a photo. To do this, simply click on the photo and then click on the small icon. In addition to the already known information such as the date, the possible GPS data and the camera used, there is a link to the album.

As additional information, the album’s date is displayed and how many photos are still in this album. In the smartphone app, this feature is not yet available, but will certainly be updated with the next update.

This is a very small feature, but it very much convenient for users now to know quickly the album in which the photos are stored. It is expected that in coming weeks this feature will also be add to the app version of Google Photos.


  1. The feature I’d like is that once you place photos in an album, they no longer show up in the original, general area. I’m tired of sorting and scrolling through all of my pictures every time I open up Google Photos. PLEASE give this some consideration Google!


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