Google Play Store adds free app of the week section

Google Play Store

Who does not prefer to take any item at zero cost instead of paying some dollars for it? Google knows this and for this reason, in addition to making life easier for the millions of users in the app store, they bring us a new section to the Google Play Store: The free app of the week. A section of where there is not much to explain, because its denomination says it all.

Last week we talked about the Google application store referring to its most negative aspect, as is the possibility of falsifying scores as shown by the latest allegations about WhatsApp. However, from time to time Google Play Store is updated offering new features that make life much easier.

The latest example we have in front of us, a new section of the Android application store that shows the free app of the week in a clear and concise way. The new section is currently not available in the Google Play Store in all the countries, but hopefully it will not be too long to reach globally.

google play store free apps

As you can see in the image hosted just above these words, the new section of free app of the week appears within the menu of applications and games. Once inside this menu the screen is divided in two, showing the application at zero cost in question, and another tab called “more”. As everyone is thinking, in this last tab appears the rest of apps.

More changes in the Google Play Store

The return of the free app of the week is not the only change we have noticed in recent days in the Google App Store. At the end of last month we talked about the fact that now the selling price of an application on offer will be displayed on the “Buy” button, while the original list price will be displayed above it. In addition there are changes in the algorithms of the application store that allows users to find content much more efficiently than what happened so far.


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