Google Play Store will be more transparent with app and game pricing

Google Play Store

Google has just made changes to the Play Store between which it will now allow application developers and games to be more transparent to potential users when it comes to highlighting the promotional prices they have in those applications and games they have in sale.

In this regard, it will allow users to know the promotional prices through the purchase button and the savings they will get by placing at the top the prices that usually are.

In addition, they may also disclose the duration of promotional prices. According to Google, this new change in its testing phase has allowed developers to see an increase of installations by up to 20% in their promotional phases and also has made it possible to increase the number of installations after the end of the promotional phases. Of course, this new change comes with a number of restrictions to take into account.

In this regard, promotional prices will last at least a full day to a maximum of eight full days. In addition, the discount will be a minimum of 30% on the original prices and between promotional phases must pass at least 30 days from the end of the previous. Lastly, promotional prices will only be allowed by apps and games, not for subscriptions integrated in them.

In this way, users who want to purchase applications and payment games will have all the information they need to decide to acquire them on their mobile devices.

With the hike of 20% download for developers, this update could definitely benefit both the developers of the applications and the uses. Developers will get more downloads, while the users will have more transparency of what is being offered to them.

This is a very good step taken by the Google team, but keep in mind that it is still in testing phase which means it can take few weeks or months to officially arrive at the Play Store.

Source: Android Developers Blog


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