Google Play Store will have a “refresh” button to check for updates

If you are an Android user and you always want to have the latest version of the applications, this novelty will be very useful. Google is currently testing a feature through which it will include a “refresh” button directly in the Play Store app store.

This new features of the Google Play Store will be a button to reload the list of applications that we have yet to update. This way, we can press the button to see if there are pending apps to install an update without waiting for them to appear.

It is possible that in many cases your applications may have a new version which you still cannot see in the Play Store to install. With this newness, users will have a button that will refresh the search for updates, increasing the possibility that new versions will appear.

According to Android Police, this button is currently in testing and its use will be quite simple. When you press the button the Play Store will refresh to see if there are new updates available for download. This of course will be of great help mainly for those who always wish to have the latest version of the applications. Unfortunately there is no data on when this function could reach all users, but with good luck Google should be introducing this new in the Android apps store in no time.


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