Google Plus is looking for beta testers to improve the network

Since yesterday, Google+ has been officially looking for beta testers who are interested in trying new features before anyone else. The only prerequisite is that Google+ should be actively used and interest in it has to go even deeper into the matter and also gladly bring feedback and suggestions. The search is not restricted to a specific language or region.

In the first two years of its existence, Google has continued to accelerate the development of the Google+ network, bringing hundreds of small updates per month. Meanwhile, the speed of updates is significantly reduced and like many other products, it rarely gets new features. But soon this could change as there is a big news at the door. Currently the developers are looking for beta testers for Google+.

Google+ has been struggling for years, practically since the start with the prejudice that the network resembles a ghost town and is used by only a few users. This may be due to the fact that it has not positioned itself as a social network, and on the other hand, that Google wanted too fast too much.

If you would like to participate, you only have to fill out a short form where you must provide information on the spoken languages and the residential area, as well as tell whether you are using Google+ on the desktop or on your smartphone. You will also be asked where you learned about this early access program, how long you’ve been using Google+, and which features you like the most. Last but not least, a brief, crunchy reason for using Google+ and that’s it.

Whether Google plus is about to get a major update or whether it just wants to test minor updates, will be revealed once we are given access to the beta platform. From the announcement, however, it is clear that they would like to make complete makeover of Google+ with new design and features. We cannot wait to see what’s going to happen on the network this year.

Here is the link to participate in the beta test:

Google+ Early Access Application Form

Source: Google Plus


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