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Google prepares a business version of Hangouts named Meet

Google has prepared a “premium” version of Hangouts called Meet, an application designed to hold meetings in HD.
It will be available at, a website where it is already possible to enter the code of a meeting to be able to participate in it, being possible to also see those that we have programmed in a sort of agenda linked to our Google account.

Google does not stop for a moment with the restructuring of its services and applications. Especially in the field of communication through messaging, we already know how “lost” the company is when we talk about chats, conversations and video conferences.

We already know the next step of Google after the disconnection of Hangouts services. The service allows you to create meeting rooms with up to 30 speakers that can be attended by an invitation or a conference code.

Meet will allow high-definition meetings with up to 30 participants, 10 more than the traditional version of Hangouts, and includes additional information for those who travel a lot, including phone numbers and integration with G Suite platforms.

In the main screen of the app we will see, in addition to the pending meetings, the time, location, subject, attendees and other details of each one. We just have to press “Join” to enter each session from the phone, being possible to deactivate the video or mute the call.

The mobile app only seems to be available on iTunes, there’s no sign of the version on Google Play right now, though that may change when the official release is made.

The funny thing is that Google is still betting on messaging. You already have hangouts, Duo, Allo, now Meet. Hopefully they decide to integrate everything in one place before users get tired of the apparent mess.

Google Meet is currently not active. We also do not know if it will completely replace Hangouts or both services will coexist as business communication solutions. The logical thing would be that Meet replaces the site of Hangouts, mainly because the second one already has expiration date, but Google has still not commented about it.

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