Google prepares a new version of Google Earth and will reveal it on April 18


Google has a lot of services, with which it pretends that its users organize their life, something that is not crazy. The company offers us a number of applications which can be used in our day to day lives such as calendar, contacts, maps, notes, music and news. All these services are exclusively dedicated to the user.

One of the services that we have all occasionally tried is Google Earth, the application for both mobile and computer that allows us to visit virtually any part of the world that interests us. Now, it seems that, after a long time, the American company plans to give it a twist, not to the application, but to the entire service, and you’ll be able to enjoy it in a very short time.

Google will reveal the details of the “new Google Earth” on April 18

Google has distributed press invitations informing a media event on April 18, in which it will reveal all the details of the renewal it intends to do on Google Earth. ‘New Google Earth’ is the name given by Google to the renewal of their Google Earth service. This event is held four days prior to the annual Earth day, which will be celebrated on April 22.

This application was originally made by Keyhole and was initially named EarthViewer 3D. Google made an acquisition of Keyhole and EarthViewer 3D in 2004. In 2005 Google changed the name of EarthViewer 3D to Google Earth. Since then, a number of changes and updates have been carried out for this application.

This makes us think that maybe Google wants to give it a twist to make it more functional and accessible to users and that, in this way, be used by more people. Maybe it’s just an interface upgrade, or they add a new feature. In any case, we have only to wait until April 18 to know what the US company has planned for one of its most interesting services.


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