Google prepares an app for night photos with the mobile

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Smartphones are improving at a surprising pace, especially in the camera section. They have become a substitute for traditional compact cameras for the most part. However there are still some things that are stopping them particular night photography. In this case the larger sensors and the higher aperture lenses are the key but the processing capacity among others things are required too. According to the samples Google has already taught, it may have a solution for this or so it seems.

The Mountain View company is working on a technology capable of eliminating the grain and noise that occurs in the night photography when done using smartphone. At the moment, it looks like the project is headed by Florian Kainz of Google’s Daydream virtual reality team who has challenged some of his peers with the intention of getting professional photos with his Google Pixel smartphone. Obviously, we are talking about professional results in night photography that is where most smartphones face resistance.

A mobile software for making ‘professional’ night shots

The researcher of Daydream has used the Android camera app that is already pre-installed in Google Pixel but with manual controls on exposure time, sensitivity and focus. Hence, combining these possibilities of manual control of the camera application next to the 64 fps burst and then it combines results to eliminate the usual grain. Although the results are surprising, it is still far from what can be achieved by using a DSLR or even a compact high performance.

At the moment, this modified camera app is not available to Android users but is expected to be distributed. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this ‘experiment’ of Google’s software developers is that there is no need to change the hardware of mobile devices for achieving significantly better results in night photography. Simply, an improvement in the software that is already available and the results are much closer to what is achieved using much higher performance equipment.


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