Google presents a page that helps us personalize our android

google android page

Android is extremely flexible. Each user can personalize their mobile phone in millions of different ways, either by changing the wallpaper or icons or the information it displays and to help find our perfect environment, we now have an interactive help page.

This is My Android Taste Test page, a survey that Google has published on so that we can go registering our preferences by answering various questions of all kinds.

The idea is that we answer without thinking, let us press on the option that most appeals to us after one or two seconds of being presented on the screen. If we like something more striking or discreet, with colors or monochrome, to work or to listen to music, animated or static, modern or classic, abstract or realistic. There are dozens of issues accompanied with illustrations to make it easy to vote.

Once we finish the survey, Google will show some different options that we can use to customize the mobile and adapt it to our tastes. When we choose some of them, we can go down the page to know what we must do and install to achieve such a design, whether installing a wallpaper app, widgets, icons alteration apps, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that personalizing the appearance of this form can affect the performance of the mobile, so do not try over memory and processor.

If you would like to test this function then visit website. Here you will be able to personalize your android easily.


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