Google ReCAPTCHA will soon become invisible to legitimate users

Google reCAPTCHA

ReCAPTCHA is a well-known Google captchas service that we will have found at the time of accessing a web site, urging us from marking a checkbox to finding numbers or selecting fragments of images where there are either windows or traffic signs, among other challenges that we all have “suffered” over time. Well, it seems that these challenges are going to end for legitimate users, but not for bots or suspicious access, as Google is going to make them invisible.

That’s right, reCAPTCHA will function invisibly in the background allowing legitimate users to pass over other accesses. For now, and probably for a lot more time, it is a question of how reCAPTCHA Invisible will work. It is obvious that from Google they will not give clues to it so that the spam systems do not readapt to that way and harms the effectiveness of the system.

The only thing that is known is that it will use a combination of automatic learning and advanced risk analysis that adapts to new and emerging threats. It is only left that the renewed system shows its effectiveness in practice and does not stop us temporarily when accessing those websites that make use of this security system.

In this way, users will no longer need to solve those problems provided by the Google systems. Until now those texts that OCR systems have not been able to digitize, the numbers of the housing, identification of objects in the images and much more, have used reCAPTCHA for users to collaborate in identifying them and in the process continue to train Google’s Artificial Intelligence systems.


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