Google Releases Chrome for iOS As Open Source

It has been announced that the iOS version of the browser project is available as an open source and because of the more complicated mechanisms in the rendering engine, this step took a bit longer.

Google’s Chrome browser build on the company’s advanced Chromium project, which has always been released as open source and releases the complete source code for download and use.

The Chrome browser is available not only for the desktop operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux, but for some years also known for Android and iOS. Except for the iOS version, all have been released as open source, so they were developed by interested users at very early stages or used by interested developers as a basis for their own projects.

Since yesterday, the version for iOS is now released and can be viewed and downloaded at the Chromium project. This took so long, because the Chrome browser under iOS is not allowed to rely on its own engine, but must use WebKit from Apple. Since this has required many adjustments, the whole of last year has went working to make this not so complex.

This release is not only interesting for external developers, but also helps Google and the entire community to speed up the development of the browser. This access allows even more users to compile and test the latest version themselves which saves a lot of time for testing new functions.

It is interesting that the iOS version requires more work and complexity, even though the entire rendering package is practically outsourced and only developed further by Apple.

It has been late, but finally the open source of Google Chrome for iOS has arrived. Let’s see in coming months if any changes are seen in the browser.


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