Google releases instant tethering for all Nexus and Pixel devices

Google is providing the Nexus and Pixel smartphones with a new feature called instant tethering. In order not to be permanently dependent on a WLAN network, you can instead establish the Internet connection of a device with other parts and tethering your own hotspot. The creation of this private network has now become easier for all owners of a Nexus or Pixel smartphone.

Google istant tethering

The establishment of a tethering network is actually relatively simple under Android, but still requires some steps: First, the hotspot on the smartphone must be activated with the Internet access and if necessary, a password should be assigned. You must then search for the hotspot on the other device and enter the password again. This can sometimes take longer in individual cases.

From now Google makes this step much easier to connect the devices (the so-called “tethering”) on their own Android devices. The new function is called “instant tethering” and can automate this entire process. If the feature is activated, all nearby devices that are logged in with the same Google account are displayed.

If the device is selected, this device is instructed to set up a hotspot and the active smartphone or tablet logs into it automatically. This also takes a few seconds, but does not require any further intervention by the user. Just as simple as the network was built, it is then also disconnected again. As soon as the connection is no longer used for 10 minutes, this is automatically disconnected and the hotspot is closed again.


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