Google Removed More Than a Billion Ads in 2016 for Inappropriate Content or Malware

google removed billion ads

Unfortunately showing ads is necessary, so that websites can finance their content. However, not all websites are careful with the advertising they host, and this in some cases is extremely malignant for our devices.

In the case of Android, the only way the system gets infected is by downloading an application that has malware, and the vast majority are housed in the ads. Have you ever skipped an ad by telling yourself that you have won an iPhone, update your mobile device or your device is infected? Google is getting tired of it, and is doing its part to solve it.

Unless you use an AdBlocker, ads with malware can skip you at any time. Not only in web pages, but also in some applications of dubious quality. Google is already taking up the issue as it has withdrawn more than 900,000 ads containing malware.

The problem is that this is only the tip of the iceberg, since today there are more than 7 million ads that contain malware. Google is working by categories, working on ads for beauty products, illegal gambling, pornography etc. The ads on these pages grow at an unstoppable pace, but Google is taking strict action to stop such advertisements displayed through its network.

Google took action against more than 47,000 websites, disabling their ads linking to pages with scams and malware. As always, we recommend taking care with what you install in your device and never install anything because a web page tells you to do it. Until you install or give permissions to anything your device will remain safe.


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