Google will shut down Spaces on April 17

There are many projects that Google keeps alive in the world of communication. They opted for simple chats like Google Talk in the past, and evolved to platforms like Hangouts, before Allo and Duo exist, but also have other experiments that have not just taken off, and one of them is Spaces.

Launched in May last year, it allowed users to share related information from one place, and it was possible to create groups to distribute information. They wanted to create a system that helps share without copying and pasting links from different apps, something simple to share recommendations, articles or search results. The idea was not bad, but it was late and did not finish booting.

Spaces will close its doors on April 17 as part of the spring cleanup Google always does. The have announced it on Google+ where they indicate that they have learned a lot with the platform to apply their functions to other products, such as Allo, for example, capable to extract information directly into a conversation.

The application in question never became a priority for Google and was presented more with the objective of competing with the functions that Facebook was presenting at the time. Not many have opted to use this service and hence it will close on April 17.


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