Google Starts Global Cloud Search Deployment in G Suite

Google’s professional productivity suite gains a new ally to enable businesses to be efficient at accessing the information they need at any given time. Google has unveiled the global rollout of Cloud Search, formerly known as Springboard, which makes use of machine intelligence to give businesses a Google Suite unified search experience.

Cloud Search will offer the results of searches in simple format or also known as attendance cards, showing the precise and relevant information that is needed each time.

In addition, it also allows the searches of the contacts of the company itself, offering their contact information as well as events and files that have in common, also making it possible to carry out a series of actions, such as the making of a call, the sending of an email, or video chat with Hangout.

Google pays particular attention to respect for privacy, noting that Cloud Search respects file sharing permissions in G Suite. Regarding its global deployment, after being tested since last summer, the new service will begin to be available to customers of the Business and Enterprise editions of G Suite.

Google promises that new capabilities will be added to Cloud Search, enabling even integration with third-party applications, which will allow companies to find everything they need even if they are available on multiple platforms simultaneously. In due course we will keep you updated as soon as we know more details about it.


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