Google takes the new standard of advanced messaging to Europe and Asia by Telenor

We have already talked on more than one occasion of RCS (Rich Communications Services), a new standard of messaging, driven by Google in collaboration with the GSMA, which aims to replace the old standards SMS and MMS on mobile devices. RCS will offer an experience of enriched messaging with the possibility of doing many of the things that today can be done with mobile messaging networks like WhatsApp or Telegram, such as sending high definition photos, reading receipts, group chat messages, and much more.

The deployment of the new RCS standard is gradually reaching users around the world. During the past year it reached the subscribers of Sprint, mobile operator of the United States, and subsequently reached the subscribers of Canadian mobile operator Rogers. From now on it will also reach users in Europe and Asia thanks to an agreement between Google and mobile operator Telenor, reaching about 214 million subscribers worldwide.

Among the countries benefited are Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and India. According to Google in its announcement, which states that subscribers should have the Messenger application for Android in its most recent version, developed by Google itself, and can find, if not have it, through the Google Play Store. Moreover, some of the devices that the operator put on the market will already come with Messenger for Android integrated as a standard application for SMS and RCS default messaging.

RCS services will be offered through the cloud of Jibe, a company that Google acquired in September 2015 as part of its efforts to push the new messaging standard, seeking to obsolete the SMS and even compete directly with networks. Messaging such as WhatsApp. In this regard, the announcement reminds that the new messaging standard is compatible with the universal profile GSMA, a standard adopted by more than 58 companies and manufacturers.

It is expected that in the coming months it will also reach new countries.


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