Google takes Tilt Brush to Oculus Rift

Google takes Tilt Brush, its 3D drawing application for Virtual Reality, to Oculus Rift. As we have commented on several occasions, Tilt Brush is the fantastic Google application for Virtual Reality that basically allows the creation of artistic and eye-catching drawings easily through a three-dimensional virtual space.

Although this application was available only for HTC Vive headphones for quite a few months, today it also comes to Oculus Rift headphones from Facebook, adapting to its features to offer a unique experience when creating drawings in a three-dimensional space.

Google intends that users of Oculus Rift can experience artistic creation with Tilt Brush in a comfortable, natural and immersive way. In this sense, the version of Tilt Brush that have made available to Oculus Rift integrates features that allows you to make turns and change sizes while drawing, enables interactions with the Oculus Tocuh controllers, and even more surprising, will listen to different sounds as they interact with different brushes, bringing an even more enriching experience.

For those who need inspiration, the application itself has a section where it will show creations made through the program Artist in Residence (AiR), which will allow users to get ideas to make their own creations.

Oculus Rift already had other creative solutions, now it adds the solution of Google, being of special interest for those professionals who want to carry out their work for Virtual Reality taking advantage of the capabilities available to Oculus Rift, among others. For this, they only have to go to the Oculus Store and purchase the application, which is available at the price of $ 29.99.

Source : Google Blogs


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