Google Wallpapers is updated with more categories of wallpapers

Google Wallpapers

A few days ago we talked about the Google’s wallpapers application and how it was updated with hundreds of new funds. Well, now there’s a new update regarding the same that introduces new categories to download these wallpapers for mobiles. So, let’s see what these new categories are and what’s new and different about this new version.

The wallpapers are one of the most popular and sought after by mobile users, who see these images as the quickest and easiest way to personalize their phone. As you can imagine some of the most popular have to do with new versions of Android, as is the case of Android O.

New Wallpapers categories

If this week we knew that Google had massively increased the number of wallpapers available in the application, now a new update introduces two new categories of wallpapers. These are the categories of art and monochromatic. In the first one we can find a mixture of the most interesting wallpapers that play with illustrations, photos, patterns and textures in equal parts, always with an excellent sense of design, are ideal backgrounds to give a different touch to our mobile without giving up to art.

On the other hand the new monochrome category offers that, single color backgrounds for those who first want simplicity in their phone, for them this new category only shows solid backgrounds of color, something that can already be a real dilemma for many, because as they say, for color tastes.

The update is now available, so if you have not already updated then you will be on queue in Play Store. With this update Google shows that it is still betting on an application that has undoubtedly been the great cover of the Mountain View, as although it has been in the market for a few months it has been one of the most downloaded applications, counting by millions downloads.

It is not often that the most extravagant applications do triumph, but only those that offer real value to users and the wallpapers certainly are the kings among the owners of mobile phones. We hope that these new categories are followed by many more.


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