Google wants to bring Daydream and Tango to millions of smartphones

Google Daydream

Google announced the Daydream platform last year with great ambitions and would like to be at the forefront of Virtual Reality. At the Mobile World Congress, project manager Amit Singh has now announced that the platform will soon be on “hundreds of millions” smartphones and at the same time with the Project Tango will provide completely new possibilities.

With Daydream, Google has developed an all-embracing platform for virtual reality. Daydream includes both a VR platform specification, describes the possible design of VR glasses with a smartphone slot, and is also part of Android to support the technology. With Android Nougat, the foundations for the platform have already been integrated into the operating system, but the hardware requirements are still very high.

The Google Manager Amit Singh does not see a big problem in the high hardware requirements, and sees the own platform as standard already in a few weeks and wants to establish it very quickly through the tool Android:

The question is whether the smartphone manufacturers would like to integrate this platform. Large manufacturers such as Samsung and also HTC have now their own solutions in the program and will probably hardly voluntarily bring the competition directly into the house. Samsung has developed its Gear VR and HTC is also successful with the Vive and is even supported by Google.

In order to stand out from the competition, Singh sees above all the Project Tango as an important key. The technology is also soon to find its way to all smartphones and thus offer completely new possibilities. Singh is already talking about the fact that Tango will soon be as normal as GPS and each user should measure rooms and his surroundings in 3D. It is only through the spread of technology that new opportunities and ideas arise.

Amit further said:

”We think that the usage scenarios that arise with time will make them as relevant as today’s GPS positioning. Knowing his location in the world and the environment precisely in three dimensions is the greatest”

At the moment there are just 10 smartphones that support Daydream, but the entire flagship for the first half-year presented at the MWC do not support Google’s new platform.

The Android platform will allow the platform to be established without the support of the manufacturers, at the latest when you integrate them completely into the operating system and adapt the requirements for the use of android accordingly.


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