Google Will Integrate More Web Applications on Android

Google has been willing to make web applications better integrated within Android to reach a level similar to that of native applications. In this sense, the company has pointed out that in the next beta of Chrome, when a user adds a web application to the home page of their mobile device through the function ‘Add to the Home Page’, it will begin to be a Progressive Web Application. With it, will begin to appear in the application drawer as a native application and may also be accessible by other applications.

But Android integration goes even further, since in notifications the user receives over a Progressive Web Application, through prolonged pressure will also have access to the normal management controls of Android notifications instead of accessing the controls.

It is important to note that we should not confuse Progressive Web Applications, which are basically web applications with behaviors similar to native applications, with Instant Applications, now in tests, since these are native applications that can be loaded directly into the system without having to have them installed.

With these new possibilities, Google complies with requests from developers so users can enjoy a more comprehensive experience. Progressive Web Applications have been in place since 2015 when users were able to add a shortcut to progressive web applications to the home screen of their devices in order to have faster access to their favorite websites without having install the corresponding native applications if they are available.

Google also wants these new possibilities to be available to all web browsers available on Android. It will be a matter of time for users to enjoy the new possibilities where, among other things, they could add the Facebook shortcut to access it without having to have their official mobile application installed.


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