Google’s interactive giant screen already has release date

Google Jamboard

For $5,000 plus an annual amount of $600 child support, it will be possible to purchase the Google Jamboard starting in May.

It is a 55-inch screen that competes directly with Surface Hub, although it is $4,000 cheaper. It offers the possibility of using a touch screen of 4K with intelligent system of recognition for notes, being ideal for large meeting rooms.

Jamboard uses Google Cast for collaborations with mobile devices and remote users that do not have their own interactive whiteboard, and has a camera for remote meetings. It was introduced in October of last year, but they had not announced dates or prices.

It may seem costly, but it is for corporate use and not household. Comparing it with Surface Hub the price is $4000 cheaper which means that soon we could expect price cut of Surface Hub. With this price Google product can give a serious competition to alraedy present products present in the market.

The Microsoft solution is more complete thanks to its universe of software, but Google is betting heavily on programs to work as a team, as we saw yesterday with the latest version of Google Drive, so it is possible that your Jamboard is getting closer and closer to what Surface Hub offers.

In the presentation video it is possible to see the use of jamboard in a work team, adding notes from different devices and using the pencils to be able to write directly on the screen.


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