Google’s Messenger Allo is No Longer in the Top 500 of the Play Store Charts

Last year in May, Google has announced two new messengers, Allo and Duo, in which one had set great hopes. But after the start of Allo, there was not much enthusiasm which is also reflected in the figures. Now the messenger has already flown from the charts of the Play Stores and is no longer among the top 500 seats.

Before the launch the enthusiasm among the users was huge, but directly with the start shot, the excitement had vanished. Allo proved to be a messenger without many users. It comes with a range of functions which are already present on other messaging applications. It was only in December that this app could break the mark of 10 million downloads which is more of a poor app for Google.

Allo statistics

App Annie’s new statistics now show that both messengers are slowly but steadily falling into the favor of the users and have flown out of the Play Store charts. The Messenger Allo is now not even among the first 540 seats and not for the first time. Since the Play Store only places the top 540, it is thus officially flown out of the charts.

Duo also stands out at the moment with no better picture. The video messenger is sinking slowly and is currently between the top 200 and 300. Once this Messenger had also flown from the charts and was no longer among the first 540 apps. But this should be an exception, because the app probably hardly within a day bounced back.

It was foreseeable that the separation of Allo and Duo was not a good idea and the users are not willing to download two messengers just to chat and start Video call. Competitor apps can do this much better and even with a single app. Consider that face that other messengers have long been established and have a large user base and it is clear that the two Google Messenger without existing user base will find very difficult to survive.

We will be curious to see how Google find a solution to save both these sinking apps. I believe that it will soon merge the functionalities of both apps into one, but this will not happen very quickly.


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