‘Gorogoa’ Continues To Look Spectacular In This New Trailer


When Annapurna Pictures announced the release of independent video games under the Annapurna Interactive label, one of the first titles announced by the new company was ‘Gorogoa’. Although Jason Roberts, already had a time announced and with the distribution signed with Sony, it was this new company that was responsible for the distribution of the same and gave as release date some time during the spring of this year.

Although we are not sure of the arrival of this promising title of exclusive moment of PC through Steam, yes we have a new trailer so that the extreme beauty of this upcoming game is not be forgotten.

The game has been highlighted by major international media such as TIME magazine, Polygon and RPS among its most anticipated games of the year, as it is difficult to take a look at its charming proposal and not fall prey to its hand drawn art and innovation of its design within the genre of puzzles.

We are talking about a title in which we will have to solve fragmented puzzles in different interactive illustrations to advance the story. Finding the way to interconnect scenes seemingly without anything to do will be our task in ‘Gorogoa’.
You can watch the new trailer of Gorogoa in this video:


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