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How to make money quickly in GTA 5 Online: Verified GTA online guide

To be a millionaire is the dream of every individual but to earn money in GTA 5 Online is not a big deal. If you want to earn money in Grand Theft Auto (GTA5) then you have reached the right page. If you play GTA 5 online and looking for the perfect ways to get money in the game then we are here to assist you.

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GTA was initially released for PS3 and Xbox 30 in September 2013. Since the game released it got huge success and you can say it one of the best video game ever. After a few months ago GTA online beta version has rolled the internet and you will amaze to know that the developers have sold over 90 Million copies of the game. One of the best parts of the game is that you can earn money via the game and here we will suggest you the best tricks to get cash in GTA 5 game.

best tricks to get cash in GTA 5 online game.

Methods to earn money fast in GTA 5 Online


This method is for those who have a group of 3 friends and also acquire a high-end apartment. If you play GTA 5 then you would probably aware that doing heists is the most approachable way to earn money in a fast manner. Make sure you all three friends are skilled enough to complete the toughest missions more effectively. Pacific Standard heists and Doomsday heists are the best choices but also keep in mind that you have to invest higher beginning cost to buy costly facilities to get started. You can earn up to $400K every hour with this trick.

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VIP Work

If you don’t want to waste a single second and wish to earn a pretty fair amount of cash then go for VIP work. First of all, you have to get started as a VIP or a CEO. You can select VIP work from the interaction menu. VIP Work can facilitate you $150 per hour. There are various free roam missions to complete and after finishing them you can earn money in GTA 5. Headhunter, Hostile Takeover are the ideal missions that you can try.

Gunrunning/Motorcycle Club

Now discuss the passive source to earn money in GTA 5 online. One of the best things about this mean is that you can earn money while doing other tasks. First, purchase a bunker for Gunrunning or a Motorcycle club to multiply your earnings. Purchase or theft supplies for your business and these supplies will modify into products and after selling them you can earn a profit. But if you are a solo player then don’t wait too long to finish your stocks as it may be risky. I suggest you sell frequently to get instant profit.

Time Trials

Another cool way to earn profits in GTA 5 online is Time trial. Indeed these free-roam races can give you a great amount if you are expert in them. Like VIP work every week you will avail the new time trial along with other money-making efforts. Some may be quite complex but you can observe the looking up guides online to understand them.

Be a bodyguard

GTA 5 online is full of VIPs who are looking for a solid layer of protection. Didn’t get me? I am talking about bodyguards and if you get hired as a bodyguard then you will get $GTA5K every 15 minutes.

Air Freight Cargo/Nightclubs

Always keep in mind that you are playing the game for your enjoyment not doing a job. If you understand that point then our next method will attract you. Actually, it is the less profitable variant of special cargo but it is the best way to refresh your mind.

Contact missions

GTA 5 Online is loaded with numerous contacts which are offered by the major characters in the game. Players get a higher payout for those contacts. Some may be pretty tricky and challenging for you, nevertheless, all have a fair amount of reward. But it is pretty vital to select the right mission and after choosing your mission you can team up with other buddies.

Go for a second character

If you play GTA 5 then you would probably aware of that fact that the money you earn goes to your Social Club account instead of the in-game character. Means if you raise a second character in the game then you gain an equal share of the total amount. You can double your daily rewards if you are having a second character.

We have also made an Infographic to make you better understanding for GTA5 online verified guide:

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Wrap Up

Bingo!! You came across the best tactics to earn money in the GTA 5 Online game and we hope you will apply these strategies in the FiveM Mod to earn a huge amount of money in the game. No one is perfect and suggestions make the things correct, If you have any other trick to make money in this amazing game then share your thoughts with us.

Still, any question is striking in your mind then don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section below. Keep reading and stay connected to be updated with the newest tech happenings.

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