‘GTA IV’ compatible with Xbox One: works faster, but not better

Xbox One continues to receive Xbox 360 video games thanks to its backward compatibility system. Last week we gave you the news of the backward compatibility of ‘GTA IV’ on Xbox One which has been released alongside its ‘Episodes from Liberty City’ joining the extensive list of more than 400 Xbox 360 titles that can be played on the next generation Microsoft’s console.

Taking advantage of their arrival, we tested how the game runs on Xbox One. At first the results of this technical test are encouraging: the Rockstar sandbox works with a limit of frames per second On Xbox 360, while in Xbox One does not have that restriction, so thanks to the greater power of the last console the video game is able to achieve better frame rates per second.

More is not always better because this is not at all positive. The greater speed of ‘GTA IV’ on Xbox One also brings greater latency with it: whereas on Xbox 360 the latency occurs in intervals between 16 and 33 microseconds, in Xbox One reaches between 50 and 60 microseconds. What does this mean? That the game acquires a gameplay much slower and heavy, certainly far from what we could perceive in its original version.

So it seems that when running without limit of FPS ‘GTA IV’ emits a sensation of lag in its version backwards compatible for Xbox One. Its authors affirm that the game is stable and that latency is only perceived at certain moments. The official sources have not yet manifested, so we do not know if it is in the plans of Rockstar to solve this small problem that comes in its game in Xbox One.


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