Hajime Tabata: ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Will Not Come To Switch

The debate around ‘Final Fantasy XV’ has been as prolific both before and after his departure. Everyone often agrees is that it is a fairly solid title and, in most cases, enjoyable to play. For now it has not even been on PC, will it also on Switch? Well okay, the headline already says no.

Nintendo’s new console is about to arrive, but Hajime Tabata has made it clear that Final Fantasy XV will not come to Nintendo Swtich.

Hajime Tabata, head of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ has granted an interview to the portal Dualshockers in which he talks about this final fantasy. Among the many questions that are asked, one of them is directed towards if there would be a possibility to see the game in Switch. The developer’s response is negative.

“There are no plans for it”

he says. It’s obvious that there is more to see on PS4 and Xbox One to realize the technical specifications. DualShockers insists, to which Tabata explains that if it ran on the console, it would have to perform all kinds of tests which they have not done. And you do not have to be a lumber to see that cuts would have to be made everywhere to fit it there, giving place to a titanic work for a port.

And in the end, who knows how it would turn out. However, despite reiterating again and again that “there are no plans for Switch in any way,” Tabata admits that the team shows interest in the platform. Maybe not now, not even a port of ‘FFXV’, but in future we can see a new game from these people for the Nintendo Switch.


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