‘Halo Wars 2’ already on sale for Xbox One and Windows 10

‘Halo Wars 2’ is available from today exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10. The year 2017 has begun with a lot of force and in less than two months we have already found great launches for the different platforms, where we found titles such as ‘Resident Evil 7’, ‘Nioh’ or the recent ‘For Honor’.

Today, however, the starring character is ‘Halo Wars 2’, the sequel to the real-time strategy spin off set in the ‘Halo’ universe, and exclusive to the Xbox brand. Finally, ‘Halo Wars 2’ has arrived on February 21, date on which it is officially put on sale, both in physical and digital version.

However, since last February 17, players who reserved the Ultimate Edition had access to the game four days in advance, where they could begin to enjoy first hand all the news, as well as enjoy the version Remastered for Xbox One.

It is also worth remembering that since February 16, the analysis of ‘Halo Wars 2’ of the main video game publications from around the world have been published. Currently, if we look at Metacritic to get a reference, we find that ‘Halo Wars 2’ currently has a score of 80 out of 100.

‘Halo Wars 2’ is a game that, without being excellent in absolutely everything, does not really do anything wrong, becoming a fantastic title that exploits an incredible license as ‘Halo’ from a different and unusual perspective on consoles .

If you were waiting for the game to launch then finally the day has come as ‘Halo Wars 2’ is already on sale for Xbox One and Windows 10.


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