Halo Wars 2 Premieres Trailer Two Weeks Before Its Release

Microsoft Studios continues to generate anticipation for what will be their first big release in 2017, we talk about Halo Wars 2. The game happens to be the successor of the first Halo Wars, released during 2009, and remember that the gameplay is totally different than what we are accustomed to the Halo franchise. In Halo Wars 2 we abandoned the action of a first person shooter to move to strategy in real time.

In this game we will have to guide the humans who fight on the part of the UNSC, in its struggles against the alienated Banished faction, in bird’s eye, something habitual in the games of this sort. Since it was presented at the Gamescom 2015, Microsoft Studios has not ceased to excite the hype (or expectation) around what will be Halo Wars 2. Now, two weeks after its release, they present a new trailer to open mouth.

After experiencing a Pyrrhic victory following the events of the first Halo Wars, Captain Cutter and his brave unit of the UNSC Spirit of Fire wake up after 28 years of cryogenization to discover themselves orbiting around Forerunner; Halo 3 fans, you know what it is. After receiving a distress signal and sending some Spartans to investigate, the crew knows Atriox, an incredibly dangerous Brute who is smart as well as strong. He represents a strong threat to humanity and it is your duty to stop him and his Banished.

The title has several game modes, one of them is a 3 against 3 and the other is Blitz mode, the latter mode is real-time strategy combined with cards. The deck is your army and with the cards you can create Halo troops and vehicles that you will then use in the games. To play online you need to be Gold member of Xbox Live, although this only in Xbox One, in Windows 10 -PC- does not need to be a Gold member since online is free.

There are several versions available of Halo Wars 2 in the Windows Store:

Standard edition on disc, 69.99 dollars VAT included

Ultimate Edition on disc, 89.99 dollars VAT included

Digital standard edition (Xbox Play Anywhere), 69,99 dollars VAT included

Ultimate digital edition (Xbox Play Anywhere), 89,99 dollars VAT included

Recall that Halo Wars 2 will hit stores next February 21 and will be the first physical game for Windows 10 and Xbox One in maintaining the possibilities of a Play Anywhere title. Of course, we can also acquire it in digital form from the Windows Store.

Watch the trailer:


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