Hearthstone App Update Now Occupies Less Space On Your Device


If you are a fan of the World of Warcraft saga, I am sure that you know Hearthstone, the card game inspired by the WoW characters. It is a game with a simple and complex mechanic at the same time, but that allows you to reach the top of the ranking without having to pay a single dollar.

Unfortunately, it’s a game that takes up a lot of space on Android devices, and the requirements for it to work fluid are quite high. Even in devices of the highest ranges, we do not find the fluidity that we do when we play it in computer. Blizzard has wanted to make life a little easier for Hearthstone players, improving especially the storage theme.

Use your mana crystals to play cards, take control of the table and win your opponent with direct damage. The mechanics of Hearthstone is spectacular. It is updated often with great expansions and is not the typical pay to win, here if you are a good player you can reach the top.

The problem comes when you come across a game that takes up almost 3GB of internal storage. On the one hand is a logical thing, since the game has a great content and the game boards, card animations and others things , but on the other prevents many users from installing it on their devices.

With the new update of the game, happens to occupy less than 2 GB, is still heavy, but is a more affordable. If you already had the game installed, after updating you must delete the data so that the new, more optimized and light ones are downloaded.

Undoubtedly it is great news that Hearthstone is gradually being optimized so that the gaming experience is getting better and without taking up so much internal storage.


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