‘Heroes of The Storm’ shows us the skills Probius will have

'Heroes of The Storm' hero Probius

As we reported, Probius will be the next character to arrive from the universe of ‘Starcraft’ to ‘Heroes of the Storm’. Next we will show you the skills you will have inside the link once we can play it.


Disruption Pulse (Q): You fire a burst of forward energy, which inflicts 150 damage to all enemies you pass through. Hitting the center of a distortion fault causes it to explode, which inflicts additional damage.

Distortion Fault (W): You open an unstable disruption fault at a location, which takes 1.25 s to open. Once listed, it slows down nearby enemies by 20%. Lasts 9 sec. Open distortion faults explode by beating them with Disruption Pulse, which inflicts 261 damage to nearby enemies.

Photon Cannon (E): You summon a photon cannon that inflicts 95 damage per second. Lasts 11 sec. It must be placed inside the energy field of a pylon. It deactivates if it does not receive power from a pylon.

Heroics (R):

Pylon Overload: Increases the size of energy fields and allows pylons to attack enemies within, which inflicts 110 damage per second. Lasts for 10 sec. Passive: Pylons obtain a permanent shield that is equivalent to 50% of their maximum health.

Void Portal: You project a negative energy barrier in the selected direction that lasts 4 sec. The enemies that touch the barrier receive 64 damage per second and are slowed by 80% while in contact with it.

Trait (D): Summon Pylon: Summon a pylon that generates an energy field and gives sight of the surroundings. Only regenerate mana while you are inside an energy field. There may be a maximum of 2 active pylons at a time.

Although it has no release date, Probius can already be tested on the test server of ‘Heroes of the Storm’.


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