Hideo Kojima: “I want to do something that nobody has seen”

Hideo Kojima

In an interview with IGN, creator Hideo Kojima has been pleased to show off the offices of Kojima Productions, his new studio that completed a year of life on December 16.

“In our first year we built our ship, now in this second year we want this ship to take off, and that’s where we are “, explains Kojima who always uses references to ships and space travel. Why do this? Because, according to him, the goal of the study is to “do something that no one has seen” and take players “to a place where no one has been.”

That’s why Ludens, the official mascot of Kojima Productions is an astronaut, so he does not stop creating metaphors around space exploration.

After officially presenting his new study, Kojima began the process of selection of the new workers of the same one.
“I was looking for people with experience in the video game industry, but also people who could contribute something more to their projects. There were many applicants from various fields who showed great ability, for example people who had worked in modeling for movies or someone who had made camera lenses. Among these professionals in other disciplines is his friend Kenji Yano, who left his job as a literary editor to work as a writer in the studio. It is rare to have the opportunity to create something with a genius” says Kenji Yano.

During the interview, all the components of Kojima Productions are very concerned about highlighting the importance of study offices for them. According to Yoji Shinkawa, art director at Kojima Productions, “half the effort so far has been to create a comfortable working environment, with casual communication among workers as the primary concept.

And that seems to be Kojima’s goal: to have fun working. That requires fluid communication, something that is not only achieved by eliminating physical barriers, but also eliminates bureaucratic processes.

According to James Vance, a producer at Kojima Productions, the studio has eliminated the processes he was accustomed to in the industry. He said: “If you want to talk about something just go and say it.”


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