Hideo Kojima: “Nintendo Switch is the Dream Come True of Every Player”

We recently saw how Hideo Kojima had the opportunity to test the Nintendo Switch, the upcoming Nintendo hybrid console that combines the uses as a portable console and also as a home console. A test that ended with a nice result. After this, the Japanese creative, father of one of the most influential franchises in the video game industry such as Metal Gear had the opportunity to pour his impressions on the console for international media.

Tito Kojima speaks:

“I could be familiar with the fact that a previous game made by me had features that allowed you to move the saved file from the PS Vita to the PlayStation 3 and vice versa. I think [Nintendo Switch] is the maturation of that idea. To something at home and being able to take it to the street is the dream come true of every player. Nintendo Switch is the evolution of this.

For example, when you usually buy a Blu-ray Disc, it is accompanied by a code for a digital version of it, so in this same sense you can watch the movie at home and then take it out on your smartphone or tablet. That’s how movies and television work, and that’s how games should work.

I think over time everything will eventually be moving to cloud technology. I think it is still too early, but I think it will end up being that way, and when there is infrastructure capable of supporting this, you can play any game, on any device and anywhere. Nintendo Switch is the predecessor of this step. ”

Perhaps the last paragraphs of his statements are something that many are still not willing to share, however it is very good news that Hideo Kojima sees Nintendo Switch as an evolution in the industry, something neither SONY nor Microsoft seem to have achieved in their obsession to be all the more like a PC as possible. That said, we are left with the doubt, will we ever see some game of Kojima in Nintendo Switch? It may be as well, so time will tell.


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